Thursday, June 2, 2011

“Vemos a profundidade, o aveludado, a maciez, a dureza dos objetos – Cézanne dizia mesmo: o seu odor” .

"We see the deep, velvety softness, the hardness of objects - even Cézanne said: your scent."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thanks James. Thank you all.

I do love this book. Thank you for sending it back to me, James. Thank you again for the wonderful entry. It is all scanned and I may use this for my artist residency application. It is on its way to.....Hey! everyone has drawn in this book already. Holy moly! There are eight pages remaining to fill. I think that I will make another entry. Marina, may I send it back to you for one more entry?

It would be interesting to take books that are full and pass them around again to force more interaction. Just a thought.

Oh, James! Marina sent your book to me. I will do it right away and pass it on to Beá.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Transe in Marty's book

Hi people,

Sorry for the delay in my new entry in Marty's book,
I've been very busy in recent months.
In this drawing, I worked a "Transe" (trance) over the figure proposed by Bea,
I also drew a child after the confusion of chaos, a collage on the book.

I hope that Marty enjoy.
I will send the book to your address in the coming days.

Marina, I loved the monsters of sand!
Do you know where my book now?
If possible Marina, I would like an entry of Masha (Russia),
but I don't know if she's part of the molyX18.

happy new year to all!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lilian's Book

My entry into Lilian's book is finished. A raccoon must have his cigarette. These pictures may seem a bit random, and they are. I think that the wrapping paper speaks to the colors and forms Lil uses, and we know that she is not adverse to randomness.

I am ashamed that this has taken me so long. I hope that you will like it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sand Monsters in James's book

It was a real joy to work in James's book! Abstract and subject-less works are not my nature. That's why the following James's and Liu's entries were so freeing for me. Still, I needed the subject. So sand monsters on the beach looked pretty suitable to me here.

Thank you for inspiring me!
Hope you like it.
And sorry for holding it too much.

Am I supposed to send it to Bea now?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Liu and James in Exposição "Atelier Subterrânea em Pelotas"

Exposição "Atelier Subterrânea em Pelotas"
"Série Devaneios" - 2009

A exposição “Atelier Subterrânea em Pelotas”, que abre dia 3 de setembro, quinta-feira, às 19h, reúne na Galeria de Arte do Instituto de Arte e Design da UFPEL, em Pelotas, a produção artística de Adauany Zimovski, Gabriel Netto, Guilherme Dable, James Zortéa, Lilian Maus e Túlio Pinto, integrantes do Atelier Subterrânea (Av. Independência, 745/Subsolo – Porto Alegre). Na mostra, os artistas expõem desenho, fotografia, escultura e vídeo. No dia da abertura haverá ainda uma conversa com os artistas, realizada às 17h.

Abertura: quinta-feira, 3 de setembro, às 19h
Conversa com artistas dia 3 de setembro, às 17h
Local: Galeria de Arte do IAD (R. Alberto Rosa, 62, Pelotas/RS)
Visitação: de segunda a sexta, das 9h às 11h30 e das 14h30min às 17h30min
Encerramento: 30 de setembro de 2009
Informações e visitas pelo email: