Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thanks James. Thank you all.

I do love this book. Thank you for sending it back to me, James. Thank you again for the wonderful entry. It is all scanned and I may use this for my artist residency application. It is on its way to.....Hey! everyone has drawn in this book already. Holy moly! There are eight pages remaining to fill. I think that I will make another entry. Marina, may I send it back to you for one more entry?

It would be interesting to take books that are full and pass them around again to force more interaction. Just a thought.

Oh, James! Marina sent your book to me. I will do it right away and pass it on to Beá.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Transe in Marty's book

Hi people,

Sorry for the delay in my new entry in Marty's book,
I've been very busy in recent months.
In this drawing, I worked a "Transe" (trance) over the figure proposed by Bea,
I also drew a child after the confusion of chaos, a collage on the book.

I hope that Marty enjoy.
I will send the book to your address in the coming days.

Marina, I loved the monsters of sand!
Do you know where my book now?
If possible Marina, I would like an entry of Masha (Russia),
but I don't know if she's part of the molyX18.

happy new year to all!