Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When Marina's moly met Marty's moly…

I got it! I'm so excited! I heard about this project long time ago, I followed different groups at the web, but it was the first time that I felt it really works!
So today mines and Marty's moleskins met (I didn't send mine yet).

I have to say that it is so different to see the real book!
Marty, it's beautiful! I didn't recognize all these levels of paper and paint on the screen. And all this wonderful black area with a lot of texture on it! I'll try to get up on it.
All the members of my family said: wow, he knows how to draw! ;)

Marty, awesome start!
Hey, Masha, Lilian, Hernan! Where are you? Begin to have fun!

Have a wonderful day everybody!!!


Marty Harris said...

I have to admit to leaving the car out of the neighbor's driveway. It might have added a sign of life to the picture, but I was too lazy to draw it. I didn't feel like drawing circles.

Marty Harris said...

So, thank your family for me, but I don't draw circles, or ovals. Therefore, no bicycles.

benconservato said...

oh,these molys look very very interesting, what an intriguing group of people you have in this group, nice mix.