Saturday, July 11, 2009

New entry by Liu Maus

Lili completed her fertile work. Great entry with colour full post its! Now, I'll send the books to Marina. I appreciate all comments about my work, especially from Marty. People, I hope you enjoy my book.


Beá Meira said...

This is an action group! I am very happy to take part of this adventure.
Does Liu live in Porto Alegre, also? James don´t need post office to send the book?
Good, makes the work quick. It is exciting!
Nice drawing Liu and good interaction with James work.
I think this interaction is the biggest challenge of this project.

marina said...

yes, I agree with Bea - interaction is the name of the game! Magic entry, Liu! It's real challenge to me...But I'm so happy that our group finally waked up! ^___^

Marty Harris said...

Love this entry. Love this group.

Lilian Maus said...

Thanks for all!!!!!!
I'm falling in love too.
Marina should receive the book soon.

Marty, I'm curious about my book (the big one!).
How is it? Did you finish your entry?

Thanks a looooot
Nice week,