Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello out there!

Hey Lilian! Hey Hernán! Are you still interested in doing this sketchbook exchange with us. After one beautiful entry into Marina's book, Masha has taken a sabbatical. She has not ruled out returning some time, but for now she is out. Marina and I hope that Lilian and Hernán will begin to participate. We think the exchange between the four of us would be exceptional. Please let me know if you wish to participate. I know that Hernán has a book. If You need a book, Lilian, let me know. If you are not interested, alsoplease let me know.

For now Masha, you can send Marina's book to me. I will write to you with the address.

Best wishes,



marina said...

Hey, Lilian! Did you get the books?
Marty, have you some news?

Marty Harris said...

Hi Marina. I am so sorry that I haven't been in touch lately. I think that I cc'd everyone when Hernan and I wrote to each other. He will not be participating. Lilian said that she is interested. But I haven't heard from Lilian since. Did you send books to her? Did Masha have books to send to her? Where are the books.

We are at a point where we can enlist new artists to join us. I have no problem with that. I also have no problem with keeping things as they are. If only we had the books.

Lilian Maus said...

Hi Marina! I received your book a few days ago. Now I'm drawing. I send to you it next week, ok?! Thank so much, it's amazing!
Have a good week,

Lilian Maus said...

Hi Marty!

I want to send my book now, but I don't know about the adress.
You said that Hermán is outside the exchange. To whom do I send my book now?

Thanks sooooo much!
Have a nice day,

marina said...

Hi Lilian!
It's so great that you in this exchange!
First of all, as I understood, you got only one book? Is it Marty's book (that I sent you) or my book (that Masha was supposed to send you)?
Don't hurry with drawings, take your time. I'm so excited to see what you'll do! Please don't forget to upload your drawing on the blog.

Have a beautiful day too!

marina said...

Hey, Marty!
Finaly, we'll find our books!
It'll be great to continue the exchange between three of us.
If you whould like, I can try to invite ghostschool
I would also be glad to do exchange with Occam`s razor.
What do you think?

Missing your drawings,

Marty Harris said...

Invite who you like. Occom's razor just joined us at moly_x_54. I'm not sure she'll do it. Is there someone among the members that isn't exchanging yet? There are some very, very interesting new members.

Marty Harris said...

So happy!

Sent my address to Lil.

josé louro said...

I moly. I already knew about you. Great moleskines and great idea what you have started here.