Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drawing in progress

I was walking through the city of Porto Alegre/Brazil,
when I saw a dredger contributed by removing the mud of the brook.
And I thought, it would make a nice counterpoint to my abstract drawings.
Lilian Maus, Brazil.


Marty Harris said...

It's a fabulous entry. I look forward to holding it in my hands. I like the the flow of Marina's image continued in yours, the repeated forms, and the reference to water. I hope that you will enjoy this. Yours is a marvelous beginning.

marina said...

Beautiful work, Lilian! I love how abstract and real mixed together in your drawing!
I'm still excited when the book arrives to other person seeing how its turns to new direction. Kind of miracle!

josé louro said...

Absolutamente super!
Love this idea of exchange.

João Santos said...


Marty Harris said...

Where did this book go to? Lilian, do you have any other books?

marina said...

I'm wondering the same thing!

Lilian Maus said...

Hi Marina! I'm still with your Moleskine and Marty's.
This week is holiday (all week) in Brazil because of Carnival.
I'll send to Marty these books next wednesday, ok? But if you want
one of these books, tell me. I can send it to your adress.

Thanks for all.
It's an honor join this exciting exchange.

Have a good week,

marina said...

Hi Lilian!

It's fine with me to send the books to Marty, because it's his turn. Marty, are you agree?

Wow, to see the Brazilian Carnival is one of my dreams! Enjoy your holiday!