Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally, finally, finally!

I have three books. I have started on Marina's book. These books are so beautiful. At one point I had 11 books in my house. I did four in a week and 1/2.I just got one more in the mail. I now have 8 books. moly_x_18 is my new priority. I am doing 2 book per week until they are all gone from my house.

Did we ever find other artists to join the group? I forget.




Marty Harris said...

Lilian, is James Zortéa still interested in being part of this group? That would be very nice, especially upon your recommendation. We will need his email address, his mailing address and a website or blog address if he has one.

Thanks. I will be working on our books over this coming week. I would like to know where to send them if it is to someone other than Marina. I have already started two of them.

marina said...

Go, Marty, go! I can hardly wait! I'm envy you a little bit, because I'm bookless, my groups are moving slowly. Actually, I'm thinking about starting the new one.
We didn't invite anyone to join us. If you want, please, invite someone you choose. I think it'll add some action to the group.