Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Marina's Book

Going with the park theme that Marina started I went with the neighborhood dog park. Since we don't have children at home any longer, I guess that the dogs are our children. Little surprises for you in this book, Marina.

I am going to send this book to Beá, tomorrow. So excited by our new members.


marina said...

I just wanted to tell it again - SO beautiful! I love all these layers of papers and your ink work is superb!
Can't wait to see it!!!!!

jennifer kraska said...

beautiful movement.

Marty Harris said...

Thank you two very much.

Marina, I have started my new huge moly this way. I have pasted papers into it and covered pages in ink. I am trying to make the book easier to start drawing in. Makes me feel more free to draw anything and everything. The collage makes me less concerned about the things.

marina said...

Marty, I understand exactly what you say. Sometimes I'm making my work as collage not because I originally wanted to, but because it's less scaring than to work on virgin white page.
I'm going to copy your method in my moly a little bit, don’t you mind?

Marty Harris said...

Go for it. I thought I stole the idea from you. Heh.