Friday, May 15, 2009

My book.

I am sending this book to Tim Clary to be part of the "Small" show at the High Falls Art Gallery in Rochester, New York. It will be up for a month or so, then I will pass it on to Bea in Brasil. Marina & Lillian, you can add this show to your resume. Tim will be taking some photos for us.


Lilian Maus said...

Good news, Marty! Amazing!
I hope can see the photos.
Do you have more informations about this gallery? Thanks for all!!
Have a nice week, see ya!

marina said...

Wow, it's great! thank you, Marty!
Beautiful entry! I love it's flow, your ink-made dogs and, again, the different papers' collage.
You should love your book, don't you?

Marty Harris said...

I am thrilled with this book.

The "Small" show at the High Falls Art Gallery is in Rochester, NY.

Marty Harris said...


This is the book that I sent today.