Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I’ve got my book!

After a little bit more than a year of traveling around the world my book finally has back to my house. I can’t describe how beautiful it is! It’s full of surprises that I could see only when I hold it in my hands! I want to share it with you, but it’s impossible to show it all in pictures! I tried to make a video, but didn’t succeed to do it properly. So here are some photos that can barely show it.
Thank you all SO much! I feel so lucky!
I still have six free pages in my book. I’m wondering how to share them. Any suggestions?
Just one question – who created the big stickers? (they’re the same as the small ones that I used)


Marty Harris said...

This is one of the few books without a theme. This book has been a lot of places, in many hands. It is chaotic, and very interesting. It is everyone's get-to know-you book.

Congratulations! I hope you do enjoy the book.

You can send it to me. Or you can send it to a guest artist. I had six pages left in one of my books. It seemed silly for me to finish such a brilliant book. Bea offered to finish it for me. Thankfully.

Marty Harris said...

Yes, why don't you make a little entry, and I will finish it off. Then I can scan it.

marina said...

Ok, I think that first of all I owe a big thank to you, Marty! You were managing, inviting new members, maintaining, with a great success. Without you this book wouldn't exist.
It was the first exchange I participated at. It was also the first book that I got back after a round. I'm still very exited and having a feeling of magic! Maybe it is chaotic and lacking a theme, but I love it very much!
I'll take your offer - three pages for me and the three last for you!

Isabel said...

beautiful book it looks wonderful will love to see every single drawing

marina said...

Thank you, Isabel!

James Zortéa said...

Congratulations Marina!
I hope that my book register our exchange
with the same joy of their own.

Marty Harris said...

I made the stickers. Surprise!!

There are extra stickers for your daughter.

marina said...

haha, Marty! It had taken to me some time to realize that those huge stickers are not mine. Thank you again! (also from my daughter)