Monday, August 17, 2009

Lilian's entry on Bea's book

I'm working now with drawing on post its.
My last work:
In this entry, I work with post its and texture drawing.
I hope you enjoy!

Who is the next?
Could you send me the address?

More one ask:
Marty, do you have my Moleskine: ? Could you send me it again? Thanks sooo much.

Take care,
and have a good week!


Marty Harris said...

Lovely entry. I am thrilled by your abstractions. There is no very much of this abstraction in moly_x, in fact I think this group may have all of the abstract artists.

I love the post its. They remind me of coloring with highlighter markers, which I love doing.

I do have your book, Lil. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get to it. I actually started work in your book last week. When I finish, I will send it. Do you really want me to send it to you? Marina is the next person on our list.

Lilian Maus said...

Thanks for all, Marty.
Don't worry about the time. I'd like to know if my book was in good hands! When you finish, send the book to Marina. I hope she likes.
Then, I'll send bea`s book to Marina.
Take care,

Marty Harris said...

I will finish your book this week. Sorry to cause concern. I may not be very fast, but your book is safe.

Marty Harris said...

I have sent two to Bea, so she will be busy.

Beá Meira said...

I just received one book, untill now, the american one. I will try to work in it this weekend.